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Bail Lawyers in Mumbai

When a person is arrested by the Police, the very first step is to ensure that the person arrested does not have to go through the hardship of being under arrest for a long time and in order to ensure the release of that person, the courts in India provides Bail to the accused till the culmination of his trial.

Bail is money or some form of property or surety that is deposited or pledged to a court, in order to secure the release from custody or jail of an accused who has been arrested, with the understanding that the suspect will return for their trial and required court appearances. Bail is a mechanism to release suspects from imprisonment pre-trial, while ensuring their return for trial. If the suspect does not return to court, the bail is forfeited, and the suspect may possibly be brought up on charges of the crime of failure to appear. If the suspect returns to make all their required appearances, bail is returned after the trial is concluded. In some cases, bail money may be returned at the end of the trial, if all court appearances are made, regardless of whether the person is found guilty or not guilty of the crime accused.

Advocate Saif Mobhani is an independent legal service provider and is one of the Best Lawyer for bail in Mumbai. He is completely responsible for providing  result-oriented legal aid to the clients especially in cases involving Bail. The objective of this well-respected advocate and his firm is to help an accused to be released from prison on Bail, which is every accused's right. 

He is a well-known and specialised Bail Lawyer in Mumbai in all the criminal matters in the Bombay high Court and all other major high courts and the sessions courts and the courts of the metropolitan magistrate in Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

He works in complete and close co- ordination with his clients and does the entire case study very thoroughly.

If you or any friend or relative is behind the bars and seek bail, you may Contact Us