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Legal Documentation Lawyers in Mumbai

ADVOCATE SAIF MOBHANI undertakes all kinds of legal documentation work accross India. Below are some of the legal documentation work undertaken by us ;

Lease Deed (for a term of years) Rent Agreement

Deed of Hypothecation HP

Loan Agreement

Loan Agreement with Security

Simple Money Bond

Bond and Bail bond under CrPC 1973 after Arrest under a 

Employee Bond for Non Compete

Bond to Secure the Performance of a Contract

Security Bond by a Surety

Security Bond for grant of Succession Certificate

Agreement between Independent Contractor and Service Provider

Business Services Agreement

Confidential Information and Non-Disclosure Agreement NDA

Employee Service Agreement

Franchise Agreement

Memorandum of Understanding MOU

Articles of Association for Public Companies

Formation Agreement to Convert a Partnership into a Limited Company

Joint Venture / Share Holder’s Agreement

Shareholders Agreement

Memorandum of Settlement of Industrial dispute between 
Employer and Employees

Agreement of Amalgamation between two Companies

Simple compromise Agreement

Agreement for compromise between the employer and workman for payment of compensation under workmen's compensation act

Deed of family settlement for division of properties left by a deceased between son and daughters where son pays money to daughters

Separation Agreement between Husband and Wife

Affidavit and Indemnity

Agreement for Sale

Deed Of Guarantee

Retainership Agreement

Deed of Adoption

Memorandum Recording Family Settlement

Partition Deed

Deed of Gift of Moveable Property/ Immovable Property

Hire Purchase Agreement

Agreement of License between Trade Mark Owner and a Manufacturer

Agreement of License to Publish on Royalty Basis

Licence to use Copyright

Deed of lease (for a term in perpetuity)

Leave and License Agreement

Simple Mortgage Deed

Partnership Deed

General Power of Attorney

Special / Specific Power of Attorney

Revocation of the Power of Attorney

Irrevocable Power of Attorney

Agreement for Sale of a House (Sale Agreement)


Public Charitable Trust

Deed of Family Trust etc.

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