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Restraining Order Lawyers in Mumbai

Section 18 of Protection of Women from Domestic Act, 2005 stipulates that one may get a restraining order against husband and / or his friends and relatives if the woman is being harassed or tortured. Such restraining order is enforceable with help of Local Police.

How to Get a Restraining Order under Domestic violence Act

There are number of reasons why you may need a restraining order. Your spouse or partner may be abusing you or your child, or is stalking you. In cases like these and hundreds of others, a restraining order may be the key to your safety and peace of mind. 

Once you've made the tough decision that you need one, it's time to act. Knowing how to get a restraining order and how it will be enforced is the only way to get the protection you need. 

Apart from physical restraining orders, the Act also provides for restraining ones spouse from alienating any assets, operating bank lockers or bank accounts used or held or enjoyed by both the parties, jointly by the aggrieved person and the respondent, including her stridhan or any other property held either jointly by the parties or seperately by them.

If you need assisstance in procurring a restraining order from the Court, contact us today. With our vast legal experience of handling such cases, you shall get the best of our expertise.